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This month we hear from Phuong Thai, SEC Reporting and SOX Compliance Manager at COMPASS …


I am a part of the COMPASS team helping to … prepare COMPASS’s Financial Statements and ensure that we have appropriate controls in place to be compliant with the US Securities Exchange Commission’s regulations

I work in mental health care because … it impacts everyone’s life in one way or another, but we do not fully understand it and are not encouraged to talk about it enough

When I was a child, I always wanted to … travel to the moon, as it looks so pretty and mysterious

An unusual fact about me is … I once travelled from Los Angeles to Boston by Amtrak train over three days

What I am most grateful for is … my parents, especially their humbleness, positivity and unconditional love. I  have learnt so much from them and I know that whatever I do in life, they will always have my back

My proudest achievement is … getting back to Lake Bled safely after four days’ hiking alone in Triglav National Park in Slovenia. I had done a lot of trekking before this trip but never by myself, and I had so many doubts, fears, and “what-ifs”. What if I mis-stepped and fell off the mountain, what if I couldn’t reach the hut before the sun set, what if I took a wrong turn and got lost?

In the end, what made me so proud was that I took risks and fought my fears. There will always be “what-ifs”, but that just makes me plan better and be more careful. Most of the time, it is fear that prevents us from achieving all that we can. Looking back, those four days were the best; I got to see the beauty of Triglav and experience peacefulness and pride as I sat down and enjoyed the little things in life, like dinner and a hot shower

The book everyone should read is …“This is going to hurt” by Adam Kay. It made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. Through the eyes and humour of Adam, a junior doctor in the NHS, I was able to understand the hardships junior doctors go through and the sacrifices they have to make, and how this sadly takes a toll on their relationships and physical and mental health. To quote Adam: “So I told them the truth: the hours are terrible, the pay is terrible, the conditions are terrible; you’re underappreciated, unsupported, disrespected and frequently physically endangered. But there’s no better job in the world”

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