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Psilocybin therapy is unusual because it’s an innovative protocol that combines a medicine with psychological support. This isn’t taking a psilocybin pill at home; it’s taking a psilocybin dose and being supported throughout the experience by specially trained therapists in a controlled healthcare setting. The dosing session is preceded by preparation sessions and followed up with integration sessions, all led by therapists.

Our clinical development programme will answer questions about the quality of our synthetic COMP360 psilocybin, as well as the appropriate dose, safety and efficacy of our psilocybin therapy in people living with treatment-resistant depression.

We have an open and ongoing dialogue with patients, regulators, payers, the scientific community, industry partners and policy makers, about how we can collectively ensure that our COMP360 psilocybin therapy, should it be approved, is affordable for healthcare systems and accessible to any patient who can benefit from it.

We are also very committed to working with national, regional, and local health systems to design and build more personalised, preventative and predictive care models and digital solutions that can improve the therapeutic experience and long-term patient outcomes.

Our priority is, and will always be, to help patients, and so we will price our COMP360 psilocybin therapy responsibly, with the goal of making it as affordable and accessible as possible.

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