Welcome to Summer Interns

Summer is almost here and we are excited to give a warm welcome to our new interns at COMPASS Pathways! We were highly impressed with the experience and skills of our summer applicants. The interns will be contributing to our activities in various functions including marketing, research, and clinical trials operations.

Each brings their own unique skill set, and we can’t wait for them to add to our company’s success! Learn a little more about our Summer interns below:


     Simon Percelay

Studies: Masters in European Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris. I also hold a BA in Politics and Sociology from University of Cambridge.

Nationality: French.

Fun fact: I used to be able to read hieroglyphics.

Why COMPASS? I have a strong interest in depression as it has affected people close to me, and I chose to work at COMPASS because it gave me the opportunity to work in a field I'm interested in and for a goal that I believe in.

Rahul Sood


Studies: Neurobiology and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Nationality: New Zealand.

Fun fact: I am Eimear’s identical twin!

Why COMPASS? COMPASS is at the forefront of understanding novel, nuanced models of mental health and psychiatry. I consider it a privilege to be part of a team who are innovating in an area which desperately needs advancement.

     Eimear Monaghan

Studies: I just completed my first year of Graduate Medicine at the University of Dublin, and hold a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford.

Nationality: I identify as Irish, though I have lived in England my whole life.

Fun fact: I have an identical twin and we have been involved in the Twins Early Development Study since birth.

Why COMPASS? I believe that good health is the most valuable asset and I admire COMPASS’s drive to accelerate the process of translating research into practice. I am excited for this internship because I get to understand and be involved in this process.


     Kate Anna Roberts

Studies: MSc in Cancer Biology at UCL Cancer Institute, graduating this summer!

Nationality: British.

Fun fact: I used to work at a nature reserve as a teen, doing everything from preparing enclosures for injured bats to chopping logs for beetles to nest in. It’s also where I discovered a profound fear of grass snakes…

Why COMPASS? Getting the opportunity to work in such an innovative therapy area alongside an inspiring team with such a refreshing approach inspired me to apply to COMPASS and further motivates me every day.

     Mandy Ho

Studies: PhD in Experimental Psychology, UCL.

Nationality: Taiwanese.

Fun fact: I am a big fan of Yuval Noah Harari.

Why COMPASS? I am hoping to learn the important things that cannot be learned in labs – whether that’s implementing an idea or maximising impact on the world. COMPASS seems like a great place to learn these things as a high impact start-up that is trying to tackle one of the most significant issues in modern societies.

     Maksim Lavrov

Studies: MEng Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Nationality: Estonian.

Fun fact: I am a Tesla fan and I have a favourite country – the Netherlands.

Why COMPASS? I believe in the value that psilocybin can bring to patients and in COMPASS having the best shot at delivering it. I also want to take part in the psychedelic renaissance.


     Lena Zhu    

Studies: Major in Neuroscience and Biology, Minor in Biomedical Engineering at MIT.

Nationality: British.

Fun fact: I love tennis, painting and playing the ukulele.

Why COMPASS? I am passionate about improving mental health awareness and better access to treatment. Having seen close friends and family suffer from mental health illness, I want to be a part of the cutting edge of new treatment and innovation in this field.


     Eric Wehner

Studies: International Management at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Nationality: German.

Fun fact: When in Berlin on an election day, you might very well find me campaigning. I have been active in youth politics for six years.

Why COMPASS? COMPASS fascinates me because of its disruptive potential for mental healthcare. It breaks with a decade-old stigma and aims to improve the lives of millions of people by doing so. That commitment and its dedication made me join COMPASS.

     Kendra Terry     

Studies: I just completed Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University Teachers College and will be starting my PhD at Adelphi in the same field this Fall.

Nationality: American.

Why COMPASS? I am excited to join COMPASS after having worked as a Research Assistant with Dr Elias Dakwarat Columbia Medical Center on a study using ketamine to treat cocaine and heroin addiction. I for as long as I can remember have been interested in understanding what is ‘special’ about the psychological mechanism triggered by psychedelics that allows people to see long-term changes in behavior.


      Jack Jones

Studies: Graduated from BA Filmmaking at Kingston University last year.

Nationality: Welsh.

Fun fact: As a child I was a professional actor and appeared in a few commercials!

Why COMPASS? I find learning about everything COMPASS does incredibly interesting! Helping those with mental health issues is a cause I’m very passionate about and believe the current pharmaceutical treatments available are inadequate, so it’s nice to work at a place where what they do really matters to me.


     Drummond McCulloch

Studies: Just completed a BSc in Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow, about to begin an MSc in Pharmacology at Hertford College, Oxford.

Nationality: British.

Fun fact: I am heading to the World University Powerlifting Championships in June to represent Team GB with the rest of the Glasgow Uni team. I also visit Norway every year and like to hitchhike around.

Why COMPASS? Through studying the pharmacology of typical antidepressants and experiencing friends’ struggles with mental health treatments, I am eager to help rework the world of mood disorder treatment and psychedelics seem very promising as it stands!

     Pei Lynn Tann

Studies: MPhil Translational Biomedical Research, University of Cambridge.

Nationality: Malaysian.

Fun fact: I used to train professionally in figure skating as a child.

Why COMPASS? I am interested in neuropsychopharmacology and am excited about the potential of unconventional therapies such as psilocybin in helping those who struggle with mental health issues.



  Aaron Potter 

Studies: MSci Chemistry at Imperial College London.

Nationality: British.

Fun fact: I have a black belt in Karate.

Why COMPASS? 300 million people’s lives are directly affected by depression worldwide but, the lives of the people around them are affected too. It’s exciting to be part of the team growing COMPASS; leading innovation into new therapies for mental health disorders and improving lives.