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Aaron: on awe-inspiring moments in Madeira
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This month we hear from Aaron Shefras, Social Media Manager at Compass …


I am a part of the Compass team helping to …  drive the conversation around mental health, through creating and disseminating digital content that educates, informs, and inspires dialogue  

I work in mental health care because …  I believe everyone deserves accessible, effective mental health care. It’s fulfilling to be part of a team that is pushing boundaries in innovation and on the cutting edge of research

The best place I’ve ever visited is … Madeira. I’ll never forget watching the sunrise from a summit peak, a spectacle of colour as the sun ascended above a sea of clouds. The warmth of the locals and those awe-inspiring moments of natural beauty have left an unforgettable mark on me

The book everyone should read is … ‘Creativity, Inc.’ by Ed Catmull. It’s an insightful look at the power of story and communication, underlining how shared narratives can unite and inspire. Plus it’s an under the hood look at one of my favourite animation studios, Pixar! 

The song everyone should listen to is …  ‘Dancing in the Dark’ a cover, by Sam Fender. Although I love the Bruce version too

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