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This month we hear from Claudia Sisa, our Clinical Research Scientist and yoga teacher at Compass …


I am a part of the Compass team helping with … designing rigorous clinical trials that meet regulatory standards and interpreting their results

I work in mental health care because … it plays such a central role in our lives and we don’t talk about it enough! I like to think I am contributing to reducing the social stigma around mental health while generating new treatment options for those who are struggling

An unusual fact about me is … I am a qualified yoga teacher! I really enjoy teaching my colleagues, family and friends

What I am most grateful for is … having a very supportive family. I moved away from my hometown in Italy over 10 years ago and they have always encouraged me to undertake new adventures, even when they couldn’t fully understand where the new experiences might lead

The best place I’ve ever visited is … California. I was lucky enough to live there for a year and I have so many amazing memories from that time. I explored the state from north to south, I saw whales and seals, I spent a lot of time in nature, I made lifelong friends, and I learnt a new language!

My proudest achievement is … finishing my PhD last year. Not because of the fancy new title, but for all the things I learnt along the way. I came to accept that you can make mistakes and fail a hundred times, but the important thing is to learn from the experience and try again (and again, and again … ) until you succeed!

My dream one day is to … take a year off and explore every continent

The book everyone should read is … “Inferior: The True Power of Women and the Science that Shows It” by Angela Saini. It is a brilliant, scientific narrative on supporting gender equality and demolishing the patriarchy

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