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This month we hear from Emma Gillett, People team administrator at Compass … 


I am a part of the Compass team helping to … provide administrative support to the People team and make sure the London office runs as smoothly as possible 

I work in mental health care because … having mental health struggles and just shrugging it off and attempting to continue with no support is still pretty much the norm. And when some people do take that active step towards asking for help, there are barriers there. Improving mental health care is essential. I also love the idea of working on something much bigger than myself 

The part of my job I enjoy most is … knowing and communicating with basically everyone. My role requires collaboration with every team at Compass, which is great because I get to regularly work with so many different people. Plus, I love being based in the London office 

When I was a child, I always wanted to … work with insects – they’re incredible and I was usually found on the floor staring at them and holding them as a kid. This dream was short-lived, however, because I quickly realised that I would need to work with and handle a lot of dead insects, and I have a massive phobia of dead bugs  

The book everyone should read is … “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak 

My dream one day is to … run an ethical farm with a huge amount of land in the countryside, where I’ll adopt goats, sheep, cows, etc, and they can retire, free-roam and live well and peacefully with their friends and families. Anyone welcome – the insects would, of course, also be considered residents here. This will be far in the future though, I’m not ready to leave city life yet 

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