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This month we hear from Gary Gilmour, our Vice President of Preclinical Research …


I am part of the Compass team helping to … research the potential of COMP360 (our synthesised formulation of psilocybin) in pre-clinical studies.  My team also works on understanding the mechanism of action of COMP360, so that we can learn from this and deliver opportunities for mental health innovation

I work in mental health care because … the level of unmet medical need is huge and I want to do something to help.  Mental health problems are so pervasive in society that everybody ends up being impacted by them in some way either directly or indirectly – we need to do something about this

The part of my job I most enjoy is … the excitement of creativity and innovation.  When our scientists are the first to learn something new about brain function or drug action, it truly is an inspiring feeling

The book everyone should read is … “Rendezvous With Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke. You can’t beat a book about a giant spaceship to be honest.  A classic sci-fi genre novel that really speaks a lot to me about possibilities out there in the universe and the place of humans in it

The piece of music everyone should listen to is … “Radiant Intervals I” by ELEH.  While it might be a more challenging listen for some people, I find his minimal style really compelling and great for mindfulness. We all need to take time to slow our thinking down and ground ourselves, and this album really works for me

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