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This month we hear from Mary-Rose Hughes, our Finance Director at Compass …


I am the Finance Director at Compass … responsible for financial operations and reporting

The part of my job I most enjoy is …  working cross-functionally with other teams here at Compass. We have a very collaborative culture

What I am most grateful for is … great family, friends and colleagues, especially during COVID. I think everyone is feeling the effects of being separated for extended periods of time but I never fail to be amazed by the inventive ways that we all think of to come together. At work we’ve had Zoom quizzes and comedy shows and surprise gifts to let people know you’re thinking of them. It’s heartwarming

The best place I’ve ever visited is … Mexico! Great people, food, culture and sunshine. Particularly memorable moments were trekking through Vinales Valley (tobacco growing region) and visiting Chichen Itza. Two amazing experiences that I will never forget

The book everyone should read is … Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. It’s a really beautiful exploration of how to live a long and happy life with a sense of purpose

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