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Funding Podcast: An Interview with Lars Wilde, Compass Pathways

COMPASS Pathways co-founder, Lars Wilde, discusses his experience securing funding for his psilocybin therapy on the Worldwide Clinical Trials podcast.

Are psychedelics going mainstream?

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence piece on how psychedelic drugs are gaining mainstream recognition, from treating depression to achieving a deeper understanding of consciousness.

First Pot, Then Magic Mushrooms? Decriminalization Is Spreading

Bloomberg explores that as cannabis legalisation spreads across the globe, another mind-altering drug is trying to follow in its tracks: magic mushrooms.

Could Magic Mushrooms Ever Replace Today’s Antidepressants?

Healthline article on whether psilocybin could replace antidepressant medications.

‘They broke my mental shackles’: could magic mushrooms be the answer to depression?

The Guardian article quoting Co-Founder Ekaterina Malievskaia about how psilocybin could work as a reliable treatment for depression.

Magic mushrooms, illegal in most places, may have therapeutic uses

Article by The Economist about whether the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, offers hope in treating depression.

Michael Pollan: Not So Fast on Psychedelic Mushrooms

Opinion piece by Michael Pollan on the legalisation of magic mushrooms, for The New York Times.

Psychedelics: Mind-Enhancing Methods to Well-Being

Panel discussion at Milken Global Conference, featuring researchers, practitioners, and investors on the use of psychedelics in mental health research.

Tim Ferriss just helped launch the world’s first research center dedicated to turning psychedelics into medicines

Business Insider article about the world’s first research center dedicated to turning psychedelics into medicines, where scientists will explore the drugs’ potential to treat mental illnesses like depression.

Psychedelic therapy for depression

Article by The Naked Scientist about FDA breakthrough designation for psilocybin therapy.

CBC Radio: Psychedelic drugs and the future of psychiatry

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programme about psychedelics and mental health, featuring George Goldsmith.

Building a Psychedelic Enterprise

Video of an event hosted by UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics and LSESU Neuroscience Society. COMPASS founders talk about patients, profits, patents and psychedelics

Psychedelic Times: Interview with Rick Doblin, founder and executive director, MAPS

Psychedelic Times interviews Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), about psychedelics and capitalism.

Psilocybin Could Be Legal for Therapy by 2021

"For the first time in U.S. history, a psychedelic drug is on the fast track to getting approved for treating depression by the federal government", Rolling Stone

FDA “Breakthrough” Ruling on Magic Mushrooms, Explained by Scientists

“This is an important advance in bringing these compounds out of the dark ages”. Inverse explains the recent FDA Breakthrough obtained by COMPASS and what this means.

Psychedelic psilocybin therapy for depression granted Breakthrough Therapy status by FDA

Article from New Atlas covering COMPASS’s breakthrough designation, awarded by the FDA, and other psychedelic research.

The renaissance of psilocybin as a viable treatment option

Article from listing current clinical trials involving psilocybin.

Q&A: Compass Pathways’ Goldsmith on fighting depression with psilocybin

The British startup is about to begin the largest clinical trial ever to test whether psilocybin can be used to treat depression

‘Reluctant Psychonaut’ Michael Pollan Embraces The ‘New Science’ Of Psychedelics

National Public Radio Fresh Air podcast with Michael Pollan on his new book “How to change your mind”.

Depression – The Psychedelic Cure?

Rob Reid interviews COMPASS founders Katya Malievskaia and George Goldsmith for his After On podcast. They discuss the motivations behind COMPASS as well as the clinical history of psychedelics.  

My Adventures With The Trip Doctors

The researchers and renegades are bringing psychedelic drugs into the mental health mainstream. Read more about this feature article in the New York Times by Michael Pollan on psychedelic therapy.

Might LSD Be Good For You?

Many psychedelic drugs are non-addictive, and can be helpful in treating all sorts of psychological conditions, argues Michael Pollan. Sam Leith discusses and reviews “How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics” by Michael Pollan.

Magic Mushrooms May Treat Depression

A trial will assess whether psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, can help. This article is from The Sunday Times about COMPASS Pathways’ trial for treatment-resistant depression

Mushroom Emerge From Underground

“Magic mushrooms show promise to treat depression and anxiety–and major academic institutions and Silicon Valley are stepping up research and investment. The wellness travel space, in very creative ways, is moving from experiential to truly emotional and transformative travel.”

Mind Menders: How Psychedelic Drugs Rebuild Broken Brains

The healing powers of illegal drugs like MDMA and psilocybin are finally living up to the hype – and they are already transforming our view of mental illness.

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Take a Trip Into Clinical Trials

Hundreds of Europeans with depression will soon have the chance to turn on, tune in and drop out of existing drug treatments, in the largest clinical trial ever launched to assess the medicinal effects of a psychoactive substance.

Can Magic Mushrooms Provide Lasting Peace?

Psilocybin has been illegal in the United States for more than 40 years. But Mr. Mihai, who had just finished treatment for Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, was participating in a study looking at whether the drug can reduce anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

Just One Dose of This Psychedelic Drug Can Ease Anxiety

In two new studies released simultaneously by researchers at New York University and Johns Hopkins, doctors reveal that a single dose of psilocybin—a compound from magic mushrooms—can ease anxiety and depression for up to six months.

Magic Mushroom Drug Helps People With Cancer Face Death

Can a psychedelic trip change the way people with life-threatening cancer face death? Results from two clinical trials suggest so, as reported in New Scientist.

‘Magic Mushroom’ Drug Lifts Depression In First Human Trial

An Imperial College London proof of concept study on psilocybin for treatment resistant depression has interesting results. The hallucinogenic drug derived from magic mushrooms could be useful in treating depression, the first safety study of this approach has concluded.

How Magic Mushrooms Could Treat Depression

Treating depression is a major challenge, since among the millions of people affected worldwide, only one in five tends to respond well to antidepressants. Now, there’s a new, albeit controversial, approach being considered by scientists.

Real Trip Treatment

Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results. In this article from The New Yorker, Michael Pollan presents a considered overview of psychedelic-assisted therapy, its history and its potential benefit to patients.

‘Magic Mushrooms’ and The Healing Trip

The way in which we commonly perceive so-called magic mushrooms—as the means to youthful psychedelic adventure—is undergoing a radical transformation.

Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?

"The brains on psilocybin showed radically different connectivity patterns between cortical regions (the parts thought to play an important role in consciousness). "

Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again

Scientists are taking a new look at hallucinogens, which became taboo among regulators after enthusiasts like Timothy Leary promoted them in the 1960s with the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”