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Compass Pathways is a mental health care company that is focused on accelerating patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health. We are targeting a variety of indications with our COMP360 psilocybin therapy now in phase 3 clinical trials for treatment resistant depression.

Compass is using technology to help further improve our ability to understand the needs of patients. As part of our efforts, we aim to share the work that we do via publications, open-source software, and other resources to help advance mental health treatment into the era of precision medicine.

This blog is one these efforts.  Here, we aim to cover a variety of topics that the DELTA team works on including:

  • Using AI methods such as NLP to understand the patient and therapist interaction in order to help predict patient outcomes and ensure fidelity to our COMP360 psychological support model
  • Statistical and machine learning methods we use to analyze ecologically valid biomarkers from patients undergoing treatment.
  • The software development, data engineering, and infrastructure required to collect patient data, whether it be from the phone, voice or elsewhere, while ensuring anonymity, security, and scientific integrity of randomized controlled trials.
  • The UI and UX design process that ensures a seamless experience for patients, therapists, and other stakeholders and increases adoption.

The DELTA team is excited to share the fascinating developments that are happening at the interface of mental health, psychedelics, and technology. Rapid  changes and innovation is coming in the field of mental health that will ultimately improve patient care and outcomes. We hope that this blog helps drive this work forward. Welcome!