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I joined Compass for a three-month internship during my second year of my PhD in neuroscience because I was (and I still am) interested in understanding the process required to make a treatment available to patients. In those three months I learned the practical details required to make a study happen, by working with Clinical Operations and Therapists Training teams. It was very exciting to contribute in setting up the site for our phase I study! From day one, the whole team made me feel part of the big picture and I felt the value of my daily activities for the whole company. At the end of this experience I had to go back to my full time PhD, but I just couldn’t simply leave the values and the people I found at Compass.

After a few months of break, at the end of 2018, I came back to Compass for a part-time internship that is still ongoing. My co-workers have been extremely understanding and respectful for my PhD commitments and never failed in making me feel part of the community. In the past year or so, I have worked with the Patient Access team which gave me a clear view on the strategic choices necessary to make our treatment available to patients in the best possible way. I am currently working with the Research & Development team in designing new studies, to help us understand how we can improve different mental health challenges.

Having worked with several teams at Compass, I can say that every person here is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about the commitment of this company in improving mental health worldwide. Importantly, Compass cares about the mental health of its own employees. Social events, team building activities are regularly organised and are great ways to make everyone feel at ease and in a friendly environment at work. Sports activities are also popular among team members: we have monthly football sessions and I personally run weekly yoga classes to support the physical and mental health of the team.

My managers and my colleagues at Compass have contributed massively to my professional growth. Not only there are well organised feedback sessions for interns and full-time employees, but I always found everyone very happy to grab a coffee to discuss my career and ways to reach my goals. When I joined Compass for my first internship, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do with my future. Now I am determined to contribute in making a change in this world and thanks to Compass I now have the means to do so.

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