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Coming from primarily a research and clinical background, I was excited to apply my knowledge and skills to an industry setting as an R&D and business development intern.

From the first day, I felt so welcomed and immersed in the friendly, collaborative company culture. Our directors of business development (Manon) and operations (John) made sure I felt at home and settled with their thorough onboarding programme. During my first week, I went to yoga with co-workers after work, a farewell party for one of the interns, and was given a birthday card signed by everyone!

One of the best things about Compass is its diversity and the way it brings together people of all backgrounds who are passionate about mental health. People are from all over, from the US to many countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and we had such interesting conversations over lunch and in the office, sharing our cultures while also bonding over the science of mental health, importance of empathy, and access to healthcare.

quote marksA diverse, collaborative culture.

All the interns are incredibly kind, but also brilliant and from top schools around the world. We are all paired with a manager who tailors our internship to our strengths and interests. I loved my manager, Anais, who actively made sure that I was happy with my internship, with our twice-a-week catch-ups, and getting me involved with projects in different areas (not just science as per my background). I worked with senior members of the team who made me feel really valued and important even as ‘just’ an intern.

When I took a medical school entrance exam during my internship, Anais encouraged me to take the day off before to study, and many at work wished me lots of luck and asked me how it was. To support my medical school applications, Anais and our Chief Medical Officer, Hans, wrote me a reference letter and have been actively supporting my process. My fellow interns have had similar support in applications for medical schools, PhD programs, and other jobs.

I learned so much from the various projects that I worked on – from R&D to business development to patient access – and from the Compass team who were always patient and happy to explain or help. At the end of my internship, I was asked to offer comprehensive feedback of my time and was also given valuable feedback from many people I worked with. Compass really cares about improving as a company and ensuring that every intern has a really great experience.

Compass opened my perspective to the world of start-ups, the healthcare industry and mental health. While I still would like to pursue medical training after I finish up at MIT, I am now inspired to apply a medical degree in areas like biotech/pharma industry in addition to clinical practice.

quote marksThe intern program is strong, well-structured, and supportive.
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