Lars Christian Wilde

Co-founder, President and Chief Business Officer

Lars is Co-founder, President and Chief Business Officer of COMPASS Pathways focusing on accelerating patient access to innovation in mental health such as psilocybin therapy.

He is an active serial entrepreneur and business angel in tech and biotech, having started and helped to build several successful companies. Before joining COMPASS, Lars was founder and CEO of Springlane, a leading European direct to consumer kitchen and BBQ brand and the largest German cooking magazine. Lars previously worked as an investor at Waterland Private Equity. Amongst other buy-and-build investments, he focused on building VivaNeo, the largest European in-vitro fertilization group, providing patients with cutting edge medical solutions. Lars holds a Master in Finance from IE Business School in Spain and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Having suffered from treatment-resistant depression and generalized anxiety disorder myself, I understand the devastating impact the diseases have on a person’s life. I had the privilege of accessing a treatment with psilocybin and have been relieved of the debilitating diseases ever since. Unfortunately, this treatment is not legally available to most people in the world and its efficacy has yet to be proven in large-scale clinical trials. Having founded and invested in several companies in the past, I recognised that COMPASS offers the opportunity to build something immensely beneficial for our global society. I am excited by the outlook of solving one of humanity’s largest unmet medical needs together with an extremely smart and vision-driven team.